“Throwing Stones”

(The Ballad of Shimei)

A pond and a pebble,

A plop, and a ripple.

The stone that was thrown

waves back to me.

But the stone that was thrown

has a life of its own—

While the splash and the plop

Stir chaos on top,

The stone sinks away




To be thrown once again,

On another calm day.

(c) 2021 Doug Ferris

Published by dougferris.ca

Doug is a writer, musician and educator living near Toronto, Canada. He writes about the sacredness of everyday experiences and about living a life of spiritual faith in the 'postmodern' 21st Century world. After a a 25-year career in education, Doug has been approved as a Candidate for Ordained Ministry in the United Church of Canada, a uniquely Canadian Protestant denomination in the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregationalist traditions. Doug is in essential agreement with the UCC statements on doctrine, which he sees as being in substance agreeable to the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. Opinions expressed on dougferris.ca are his own.

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