Lenten Reflection Day 9 with wisdom from Oswald Chambers’ classic daily devotional “My Utmost for His Highest”, 1935.

“I will most gladly spend

and be spent for you”

(II Cor 12:15)

Natural love expects some return, but Paul says ‘I do not care if you love me or not–

Jesus was rich but for your sakes he became poor’.

The real test is not preaching the gospel

but washing another’s feet.

We serve God by serving other people.

In God’s Kingdom, the greatest is

the servant of all, one who becomes broken bread and

poured out wine for

other people’s lives.

~ Reflect:

How is God calling me to be broken bread

for someone today?

~ Pray:

God, open my eyes to see

how I can be poured out wine

For someone today.

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