About Doug Ferris

Doug Ferris is a writer, speaker, and musician who lives near Toronto, Canada. Through creative non-fiction, short stories, song, poetry, literary essays and spoken word, Doug explores the sacredness of everyday life and the challenges of living a life of faith in our postmodern world.

After a twenty-five year career in education, Doug has been accepted as a Candidate for Ordained Christian Ministry with the United Church of Canada, which is a uniquely Canadian denomination in the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregationalist traditions.

Doug has been invited to speak at civic ceremonies, to preside over congregational worship, and to lead Celebrations of Life in honour of the lives of family, friends, and local heroes.

As a Candidate for Ordained Ministry, Doug Ferris affirms that he is in essential agreement with the The United Church of Canada‘s affirmation of the primacy of Scripture and the secondary authority of the four subordinate statements of faith.

Together, these documents express the United Church of Canada’s best understanding of Divine revelation and Christian doctrine as it is lived out from age to age, from culture to culture and across changing contexts.

Given that our personal understandings of faith and doctrine remain limited, contextual and time-bound, Doug Ferris acknowledges that the words, opinions and beliefs expressed on dougferris.ca are solely the opinions of Doug Ferris, and do not necessarily represent the doctrines, faith statements, or practices of the United Church of Canada.

Affirming Ministry

Doug Ferris and dougferris.ca affirm the full inclusion and participation of people of all sexual orientations, 2SLGBTQIA+, and gender identities in the life and work of the Christian faith, the church, and its ministries.

All are welcome here. Doug Ferris and dougferris.ca commit to living into full communion with all who are called by the Spirit.

Acknowledgments and Attributions

Unless otherwise attributed and where noted (NRSV), all scriptural quotations and references on dougferris.ca are courtesy of The New Revised Standard Version Bible (NRSV) copyright 1989 by the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission, all rights reserved worldwide.

Unless otherwise attributed and where noted (TIB), scripture references are courtesy of The Inclusive BibleLanham: Rowan and Littlefield Publishers Inc., 2009. ISBN: 1-58051-213-8.

Unless otherwise attributed, all written material, visual images, photographs, and videos appearing on www.dougferris.ca or www.ferrport.com are original works by Doug Ferris, subject to copyright licensing under Creative Commons agreements and under the copyright permissions of the Government of Canada.

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